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Our motorway partners


ASFA is a professional association which groups together all the players in the motorway concession, operation and road structure sector. The badges issued by Bip&Go are certified by ASFA and are part of the Liber-t system, which means that they work on all French motorways, whichever company operates the tolls.

SANEF Abertis

Bip&Go is a subsidiary of the Sanef motorway group, a travel infrastructure and service operation manager. Sanef is part of the Abertis group, the leading worldwide motorway management and telecommunications operator. The Sanef group is directly responsible for 1,902 kilometres of motorway.
Bip&Go, in partnership with the Sanef group and sometimes local organisations, is the issuer in charge of selling the various discount offers on the Sanef and Sapn motorway networks, such as:


Bip&Go has been working in partnership with Atlandes, the company that runs the A63 French motorway, to issue Liber-t badges since April 2013.
Bip&Go offers Fréquence Landes for regular users of the A63, with discounts for home-work journeys at the tolls at CASTETS, SAUGNAC and MURET.
The Liber-t Fréquence Landes badge can also be used on all French motorways and in around 400 car parks, signalled with a “t”.
Find the form and how to subscribe to A63 discount offers on the Atlandes website.


Bip&Go has been working in partnership with Albéa, the company that runs the French A150 motorway, to issue Liber-t badges since December 2014.
In collaboration with Sapn and Albéa, Bip&Go offers the Fréquence A28-A150 subscription plan for regular users of these motorways, with monthly toll discounts.
The Liber-t Fréquence A29-A150 badge can also be used on all French motorways and in selected car parks, signalled with a “t”.

Find the subscription form in this dedicated article.

Our partners with exclusive subscription offers


The Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-Vacances (ANCV) and Association professionnelle des Autoroutes et d’ouvrages à péage (ASFA) know how popular “Chèques-Vacances” were among French people as a payment method at the motorway tolls, so have created a way to use them: the Liber-t Vacances offer.
Since 1 January 2013, “Chèques-Vacances” are not accepted as a payment method at the tolls on any motorway in France. So that travellers with “Chèques-Vacances” can continue to use them while saving time at the tolls, Bip&Go launched the Liber-t Vacances offer.

This Bip&Go Liber-t Vacances offer enables Chèques-Vacances holders to credit their electronic toll payment badge with up to €150 per year. This subscription, like all the other ones, enables you to drive on the whole French motorway network, regardless of the motorway operator. This subscription offers a range of benefits: no activation fees, no top-up fees and no subscription fees while the Liber-t Vacances badge is in credit.

Subscribe to Liber-t Vacances electronic toll payment.

American Express Company

American Express Company, founded in 1850, is the leading non-bank card issuer. American Express cards are available as 2 types, for private individuals and for professionals (electronic payment terminal and independent), and are an international payment method combined with a range of services to guarantee security and assistance all over the world.

The exclusive partnership between Bip&Go and American Express enables users to have their toll and car park expenses debited directly from their American Express card. By choosing a Liber-t badge with Bip&Go, American Express cardholders can continue to use their card on all French motorways and in around 400 car parks, while saving time and avoiding queues at the tolls.

The Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge also enables you to accumulate Miles or Membership Reward points every time you use it on the motorway or in car parks with Liber-t readers, according to the exact terms of each offer. There are 3 subscription plans available, depending on the card and whether the holder is a private individual or a professional.

Find out more about our partnership offers


Bip&Drive is our partner that opens the door to Spain. Bip&Drive is the leader on the electronic toll payment market in Spain. Bip&Drive, a subsidiary of Caixabank and the 3 largest Spanish motorway companies, sells the VIA-T electronic toll payment system in Spain and services about 500,000 customers.
By establishing a partnership with Bip&Drive, Bip&Go enables its new customers to enjoy Via-t electronic toll payment in Spain without having 2 separate badges.

Substantial technological work was carried out for the new Bip&Go badges to integrate Bip&Drive services. Thanks to this partnership with Bip&Drive, Bip&Go offers an electronic toll payment badge that can be used anywhere in France, in Spain, and in many car parks.

Bip&Go and Bip&Drive are proud to offer this revolution in the area of electronic toll payment to French consumers who sometimes use motorways outside of France. The Bip&Go badge records all transactions in Spain. Bip&Go sends the information to Bip&Drive, which issues a bill available in the Bip&Go subscriber area. Bip&Go charges the subscriber for all expenses in France and in Spain.

The customer deals exclusively with Bip&Go for customer and after sales service. Bip&Drive customers can use their badges in France as well. The Bip&Go/Bip&Drive partnership goes both ways: Bip&Drive customers can use French electronic toll payment services.

Our electronic toll payment badge distribution partners in France

Urbis Park

For a “Pay as you go” or “Fixed price” subscription, head to the Urbis Park car park in Metz, and you will leave with a ready-to-use badge.


The BPNL (Boulevard Périphérique Nord Lyon) manages the stretch of the Nord de Lyon ring road with tolls. Bip&Go was chosen by the Grand Lyon area to offer the Liber-t electronic toll payment extension to users of local BPNL badges (More information). Users of the Nord de Lyon ring road can subscribe locally to various plans to pay the tolls for this stretch of road. They are then given a local electronic toll payment badge. Holders of this badge can activate a National Extension electronic toll payment subscription, which will allow them to use their badge in Lyon, in the rest of France and in around 400 car parks.

Get the form and see how to subscribe

Our electronic toll payment badge distribution partners overseas


VAB is the leading Flemish organisation dedicated to motoring. VAB offers a wide range of products and services aimed to offer peace of mind, protection and comfort on the roads, especially through breakdown assistance. It also protects Belgian motorists’ rights. Bip&Go has a special offer for members of VAB. See more details on the VAB website www.vab.be or at partner VAB points of sale.


ACL (Automobile Club du Luxembourg) is a club dedicated to motoring in Luxembourg. ACL offers its members a range of services, such as breakdown assistance, tourist offers and information and even legal services. Bip&Go has a special offer for members of ACL, which can be requested in ACL branches.


ARCD is a German motoring club dedicated to mobility. It offers various motoring, travel and transport services, such as insurance and breakdown assistance in Germany and all over Europe, accessories for your vehicle and even a travel agency.

Sanef Tolling

Residents of United Kingdom cannot subscribe directly to Bip&Go, as UK bank accounts are not part of the European SEPA system. To ensure access to Bip&Go Liber-t electronic toll payment, a distribution agreement was made with a subsidiary of the Sanef group: Sanef Tolling.

Find all the subscription options directly on the Sanef Tolling website.

Our financial partners


Worldline is one of the main payment operators and a well-known payment institution in Europe, with a range of turnkey payment solutions. Both the seller and the customer enjoy secure, simple, cashless payment transactions.


Payline is a secure, reliable and easy-to-implement modulable online payment solution. It offers multiple payment facilities, combined with quick response times, and is available on all distance selling channels.